Image of Testifier The biggest benefit to teaching is knowing that you have a direct impact in helping prepare your students to succeed in life beyond the classroom. The impact may come in the form of conveying information, as in my subject of chemistry... It may also be in modeling patience, self-control, organization, or how to treat others with respect. The impact teachers have on students’ lives can never be overestimated.
John A. Fedorowicz, U.S. Navy, 1988-2013
Chemistry teacher, Indian River High School
Image of Testifier Matt Bakken teaches courses where he does a lot of creative work that calls for one-on-one sessions with students, allowing him to meet with them on a more personal level. "Previous students always stop in during holidays or vacations to see me and to see what we are doing", Bakken says. He also says that it is "deeply rewarding to watch my students transition through our time together (in the classroom)".
Matt Bakken , USMC, 2001-2005
Tech Ed Teacher, Middle Shool, Big Sky School District #72
Image of Testifier “It’s so important to foster a love of learning early and to build upon that year to year,” Icatar said. “Once a student has two positive consecutive school years, you have a student for life.”
Nonato Icatar, USAF (Ret.),
5th Grade Teacher, Travis Elementary School
Image of Testifier “I became a teacher to work with children, to help them achieve and prepare for the future... This means helping them persevere when things seem difficult, which is a necessary life skill. I want to use my experience and knowledge to bring real life examples into their learning. I feel it’s time to give back some of the good fortune I’ve had in my life and teaching is my way of doing that.”
Mark Kleinman, Lt.Col. (Ret.), USAF Reserve ,
Math Teacher, Travis Elementary School
Image of Testifier "We spend a considerable amount of time with students and help shape their futures, not only with teaching but also with the examples that we set by the way we conduct ourselves. In some instances, we are the only support group that our students have."
Spencer Martin, US Navy (Ret.),
STEM Teacher, Sunnyside High School