New York's Mercy College Offers Graduate Scholarship Teaching Program to Veterans
10/23/2017 12:00:00 AM

Mercy College is looking for qualified veterans who want to earn a Master of Science Degree in Mathematics Education and have the tuition fully-covered! The scholarship and career program provides U.S. veterans with:

  • $32,800 in scholarship support
  • 36 graduate credits
  • 140 days of clinical internship
  • a Mercy College faculty members to provide professional mentoring
  • professional support
  • on-site mentoring and online follow-up support

Mercy College received an award to provide twenty (20) veterans of the United States Armed Forces, who have strong math backgrounds, with a TUITION-FREE Master of Science Degree in Secondary Math Education leading to New York State certification, a credential recognized by many other states.

The program spans 14 months and the first cohort of veterans has already completed their summer coursework. The second cohort begins on June 1, 2018 and the curriculum and activities mirror the first cohort.

Mercy College strongly believes this program will provide veterans with a new gateway to a purposeful life in a deserving community. As important, we strongly believe that these mature men and women will provide qualities of leadership, strength and teamwork to the profession, improve capacity-building in their schools, and act as professional and personal role models for secondary school students. We also believe that this program will bring benefits to high-need schools in terms of providing a new pool of STEM teachers.

Watch the program video for veteran testimonials:

For more information or to apply:

Professor William Farber, Program Director, Mercy College


Office: 914-674-7675

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