Becoming a Business Teacher with TTT
6/29/2017 12:00:00 AM

Written by: Kirstin Savage, DANTES Communications

According to the Department of Labor, teaching careers are considered Bright Outlook occupations. Specifically, teacher assistants and teaching positions at the elementary, middle, and high school level are expected to have a large number of openings over the next few years. While teaching in high needs subjects such as mathematics, science, and special education are likely to yield the highest job opportunities, teaching business or economics at the secondary/high school level may be viable options as well.  For those with degrees in business- related majors who complete additional teacher education requirements, educating high school students about the business world may prove to be a good fit.

Business majors possess the broad based knowledge of marketing, management, finance and accounting to carry out this role effectively. Strong verbal communication and interpersonal skills are required to engage students. Planning and presenting stimulating lessons are keys to success as a teacher. Business majors can draw upon the wide array of instructional approaches which they have witnessed while completing their degree. After gaining teaching experience, those with advanced education, leadership, problem solving, and academic administrative skills may find additional opportunities for career progression by pursuing careers in Education Administration.

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