TTT Testimonial Podcast: San Antonio Army Veterans share thoughts about their teaching experience
8/1/2018 12:00:00 AM

Betsy Vane and Dr. Christopher Perrin went through the Troops to Teachers (TTT) program, which is run by the Department of Defense, right after retiring from the Army. Both were drawn to a life in the classroom. Dr. Perrin recalls, “It’s something that I kind of always wanted to do. And that was kind of the impetus for me to go on and jump in with both feet. And I’ve had a blast. This past year, I’ve had more fun than I’ve had in years!”

Both Vane and Perrin served in the Army for many years before starting the TTT program. They’ve just finished their first year of teaching at Health Careers High School in San Antonio, Texas. HEAR MORE! 

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