All current and former members of the U.S. Armed Forces whose last period of service is characterized as honorable, may participate in the program for counseling services. 

A member selected before their retirement, separation or release from active duty may participate in the program only if the last period of service is characterized as honorable.

Those who meet certain education, military service and application requirements may also be eligible for TTT financial assistance to support their transition to the classroom.

If you have an honorable discharge and would like to apply for the TTT program, click here to apply.

Number of Bonuses Awarded
Troops to Teachers: Proud to Serve Again
8,120 Total number of registrants approved to be program participants
Total Number of Stipends Awarded
FY 2016
Financial Assistance may be available to eligible participants bell
Stipends or bonuses up to $10,000 for eligible participants. book
Number of Participants Hired in the Fiscal Year:
Number of participants hired since 1993